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Pre Sale Inspection

Pre Sale Inspection

Anyone selling their home needs to get a home inspection – it’s inevitable. But getting one before listing your property puts you ahead of the game.

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Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection

Getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection is just smart. It reduces the risk of unexpected and costly surprises, and helps you feel completely comfortable.

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Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

Termite inspections are one of the most important parts of the home inspection process, severe damage can be done and is usually not covered by homeowners insurance. Have one of our professionals come and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Always Guarding You Home Inspections is a leader in the home inspection industry servicing the entire Nassau County, NY area.

We understand that your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. The median home value in Nassau County is $461,100. In the U.S., the median home value is $183,500 - almost $300,000 less than our county! Whether you're purchasing or selling, it is important that you you protect your investment. Always Guarding You Home Inspections will always provide you the highest quality of service possible in the industry using the best trained and best prepared inspectors. If you live anywhere in the Nassau County area, we are the home inspectors to call!

We treat each client with respect, professionalism, and integrity throughout the entire process. We have performed hundreds of home inspections across Nassau County, NY from our beautiful Atlantic beaches to our Long Island Sound coast and everything in between. We are proud of our reputation as one of the best, most professional, and highly skilled in the home inspection business!

Our Commitment to our Clients:Always Guarding You Home Inspection stands behind all of our work from the inspections to the final reports. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will offer a 100% guarantee. We believe in building good, long-lasting relationships with each of our clients.


Each of our inspectors are licensed by the state and are well trained and highly skilled. We only hire the best! We ensure our inspectors are educated in the field of home inspections when they begin working for us and remain updated on current building codes. Collectively, our inspectors have hundreds of hours of inspection experience.

If you’d like to attend the inspection, we welcome you being there! They will answer any questions you might have and will always provide feedback throughout the inspection. They arrive well prepared for each inspection using the latest technologies available. As a company, we always invest the best tools for each of our inspectors. They will very thoroughly and meticulously inspect your dwelling (commercial, residential, or multi-family) using the most effective and least invasive methods.

Customer service:
We believe in personalized customer service. Each client is different, and each dwelling is different. While we follow industry protocol for our inspections, we will provide a dwelling-appropriate inspection. Whether your dwelling has a basement or a crawl-space, we will check it.

We want you to be able to list your home for sale knowing that there’s nothing to worry about if/when the potential buyer conducts their own inspection!

We offer a multitude of services and inspections. Our two most common inspections are Pre-Sale Inspections and Pre-Purchase Inspections.

Pre-Sale Inspection:

It is becoming increasingly common for sellers to have a home inspection conducted prior to pricing and listing their home for sale. An inspection can provide a seller with an objective evaluation of their property by a skilled professional.

A Pre-Sale Inspection offers sellers the opportunity to uncover any potential issues or problems with their home. If problems are uncovered, the sellers have the option to perform repairs or not and set the price accordingly. Many home owners choose to make the Pre-Sale Inspection report available to a potential buyer which could help attract buyers.

Pre-Sale inspections are like heading someone off at the pass! Rather than wait for a buyer to uncover a serious issue during their due diligence period, the seller can go into the sale with full disclosure. The seller can list their home fully confident that there will be no surprises if the potential buyer conducts their own inspection! It can help avoid a potential buyer renegotiating their initial offer.

Pre-Purchase Inspection:
For a buyer, the Pre-Purchase Inspection can be a crucial part of the decision to purchase a home. It allows the buyer to enter into the transaction fully informed of any current or potential issues with the dwelling. It lessens a buyer’s risk when making the decision to purchase the home because it can uncover issues which could affect the purchase price/offer.

Not performing a Pre-Purchase Inspection is akin to entering into a transaction blindfolded! Given the choice, a buyer should have as much information about a dwelling prior to closing the purchase! Whether you are building a home or purchasing an established one, an inspection by one of our inspectors will provide you with peace of mind.

Our inspectors will always perform an objective, thorough evaluation of the dwelling and provide you with an equally thorough and detailed report following the inspection. There will generally be an inspector for the buyer as well as another home inspector for the seller. We will always work within your timeframe or we won’t accept the project.

For a new construction project we can provide inspections throughout the construction of your home including: foundation footing inspections, appropriate waterproofing, framing inspections prior to drywall, inspection of materials, and a final walk-through inspection prior to closing. In some cases, homeowners want a second home inspection just prior to the end of their one year warranty period.

The inspection will help uncover any problems or safety concerns with the dwelling. If a problem is found, the inspector will summarize the issue, detail recommendations for potential solutions. When appropriate, pictures are also provided in the report. Our reports are well written and informative to you as the buyer.

All of our inspections will examine and evaluate the house from top to bottom including all its rooms and living spaces, the envelope of the house, including the framing and structure interior & exterior. All of the home’s systems are examined: electrical and plumbing included. Windows, doors, foundations, attics, crawl spaces, and outdoor hardscape are evaluated including driveways, decks, and garages.

Basically, as professional inspectors, we will conduct the best possible inspection of your dwelling! If something is in good condition, we will tell you. If it’s of concern, we will definitely tell you!

As your inspector, we are conducting the inspections on your behalf - not on behalf of a realtor or other potential stakeholder. We are working for you. We take tremendous pride on our integrity as well as our transparency as home inspection professionals.

Maintenance Inspections:
We recommend to homeowners across the Nassau County, NY area that they conduct a Maintenance Inspection approximately every 3 to 5 years. It is exactly what it says. It is a way to ensure you are maintaining your home in its peak condition. It helps identify any issues with your home which might not be obvious. The sooner you address an issue the more money you are likely to save!

These types of inspections are like our other inspections and conclude with a written report for you as the homeowner. We identify any issues and provide tips for addressing the concern or repairing it. We can prioritize the issues to help you decide just how pressing it might be to correct the problem.

Termite Inspections
A termite inspection are an important part of what we do in the industry. The amount of damage by termites can be extensive and costly to repair. Whether you are purchasing a new or older home, we are happy to provide a thorough and professional termite inspection and report as well as a maintenance plan to maintain your property termite free.

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We called to get our home inspected and weren’t really sure what to expect as we have never gone through the process before. We got a full home inspection and friendly service throughout the whole process as well as some budget friendly solutions to take care of some home improvement issues we are looking to take on in the near future. We will definitely be recommending always guarding you to our friends and family!
– John Sullivan