Swimming Pool Inspection In Long Island, NY

If you are living in Long Island in Nassau or Suffolk county or other areas and looking for someone to inspect your swimming pool, then you have come to the right place. A homeowner who purchases a home with a swimming pool should get a reputable company to perform an inspection.

Why do I need a swimming pool inspection? What are the benefits of a swimming pool inspection? What is involved with a swimming pool inspection? How much does A swimming pool inspection cost? What should I look for in a swimming pool inspector? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more.


Why Do I Need A Swimming Pool Inspection?

According to InterNACHI’s Standard Practices and Policy, a home inspector does not have to inspect a swimming pool or spa. However as a homeowner attempting to sell your home, a swimming pool inspection will give a buyer confidence that you are a fair seller and there are no initial extra fees needed for swimming pool repairs. .


What Is Involved In A Swimming Pool Inspection?

While swimming pools are a great way to relax and have fun, they can also be very dangerous if not well maintained. A reputable swimming pool inspection company technician will check the foundation of your pool check for any water leaks around your pool and check the water pump to ensure that it is pumping in water correctly. The technician will come and drain your pool and clean the pool of any dirt, leaves or bacteria that may have settled inside of your pool.


What Are The Benefits Of A Swimming Pool Inspection?

Some of the benefits include safety issues, repairing damages, repairing unsafe surface cracks, and routine inspections that keep your swimming pool well maintained and ensuring proper drainage.


How Much Does A Swimming Pool Inspection Cost?

A knowledgeable company with an experienced technicians usually charges around 400 dollars for doing a swimming pool inspection. However, this will depend upon the size of your pool, how much damage has been done to your pool, if the pool has to have a new water pump or other equipment and the material of the pool. An outdoor in ground Gunite pool is one of the more expensive pools and requires special cleaning that will cost more.


What Are Swimming Pool Regulations and Practices For Public Swimming Pools?

A reputable swimming inspection company technician will check for a number of items to make sure that the pool is in compliance with government regulations. Public pools have more people swimming than a home pool. Inspectors for public pools will drain the pool and clean dirt leaves and bacteria. They will also check for surface cracks that need to be repaired. Technicians will ensure that the foundation is secure enough for the weight of people in the pool. And they check chlorine levels to ensure they are adequate enough to kill any bacteria that may come from people inside he pool who have colds or other illnesses. The inspector will also look for proper pool drainage.


What Are Things You Should Look For In A Quality Swimming Pool Inspector?

A Swimming pool inspector must have a knowledge of pool water chemistry and understand how to maintain a pool. You must check for the availability of a swimming pool technician. Depending upon where you live, a pool inspector may not work the entire year. In colder climates, pool inspectors may only work during warmer weather seasons. Check to make sure that your swimming pool technician has the right equipment with him to perform the necessary services for your swimming pool. An experienced swimming pool technician should be able to quickly notice cracks, leaks and repair them immediately.

A technician who is unable to see issues with your pool over routine maintenance will cost you more money in the long run. Your swimming pool technician should have experience with routine maintenance of swimming pools and repairs of risk and safety issues. An inexperienced technician will often not see problems that may need immediate attention. A service provider must have affordable prices that will fit into your budget. Cost of a swimming pool technician is one of the most important things to research.


A swimming pool inspection is important to a homeowner attempting to sell his home. It is important for the safety of your family who will be using the swimming pool daily. Routine maintenance of your pool is important to alleviate dangerous cracks or leaks. Find a great swimming pool company who can explain to you what he is doing to protect your pool. These are the best tips in helping you find the best swimming pool inspector.