New Construction Inspection

New Construction Inspection

The slightest defects can cause serious damage that may require heavy costs to clean up the damage done.

The inspection starts with a review of the plans and specifications before you give it to a contractor and contains recommendations on various subjects including methods and materials, waterproofing, possible trouble areas with the unit and security problems.

A comprehensive review from the slab and foundation point to the last Walk through Inspection can help optimize efficacy, comfort and durability of your property.

Our inspection process includes multiple visits while your home is being built including the following:

•           Inspection of the foundation footings prior to pouring concrete.

•           Foundation inspection of basement or crawlspace prior to framing.

•           Waterproofing of foundations and backfill.

•           Framing inspection before drywall installation.

•           Confirm use of agreed-upon materials and proper installation of components.

•           Final walk-through inspection with the owner before finalizing the contract.

•           Additional walk-through inspection prior to end of 12-month warranty period for your new home.

New Construction Services and Inspections can prove that a structure of high quality construction and design may not have violated the building codes, but can be far from being perfectly safe for occupancy.

Our home inspection services will meet and exceed your new home’s needs. Certified and bonded inspectors will help you determine the safety and value of your new home.

This ensures that every detail is addressed through a consistent, single point of contact with the support of our full team of experienced project managers and supervisors.

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