Their are home inspectors that rely on various types of instruments such as infrared to conduct their inspection. This is a great way for the inexperienced inspector to use technology for their lack of experience. We use technology, along side of the years of experience we have in the field to find it before you buy it!
     We inspect thousands of homes in New York Long Island Nassau/Suffolk areas for potential buyers that want to know in advance any problems before they make the largest purchase of their life.
     Our inspection staff consists of ONLY highly trained New York home inspectors license #(16000066377). Our inspectors work, and live in the areas we inspect that gives them maximum knowledge in local building codes, and materials that should be used.
     The typical home inspection consists of a detailed analysis of the structural components, foundation sidewalks, appliances, plumbing leaks, as well as major systems including electrical, heating/cooling,  roofing, and all roofing components. We also provide photos and detailed recommendations for corrections  of issues found. We also check for asbestos, and any and all wood destroying insects like termites. We offer full termite inspection certificate with every inspection. ALL REPORTS COMPLETED, AND EMAILED TO CLIENT SAME DAY OF INSPECTION!
     To get a quote for your inspection simply fill out the form below, and we will contact you within 24hrs to arrange the inspection /answer questions!
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